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Be The Best Version Of Yourself.

Feel Your Best NOW!

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Feel Your Best NOW!


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Life is too short to not feel good.

It's always easier to work on the surface issues, but if we ignore what's going on beneath the surface, we never truly get to the root of it. I help my clients look deeper and balance their health in a holistic way. This means no more fad diets, counting calories, or guilt around food.

Instead, I help my clients eat a balanced diet, find workouts they enjoy, reduce stress, improve sleep, and so much more. If working on your health goals feels frustrating or you've hit a plateau, it's time for us to change that!

You don't need to be weighed down.

Get the help you deserve.

I don’t just care about health, I care about your health.

What to Expect:


We will evaluate your health and figure out what’s out of balance. Healthy eating, exercise, managing stress, sleep, relationships, career, and home life. When one piece is out of place everything else is affected. We work on small doable steps to make small changes that have a big impact.

Holistic Health Coaching Programs:


6-Month Coaching:

12 coaching sessions by phone or video aimed at what matters most to you. You are unique so we will create a plan that caters to your specific needs.

3-Month Coaching:

6 coaching sessions by phone or video aimed at what matters most to you. You are unique so we will create a plan that caters to your specific needs.

I can help you achieve

the personal growth you desire.

Feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Life doesn't have to be this hard.

Getting to the root of your problems is the first step to living a healthy and fulfilled life. My custom wellness plan can help you:

  • Identify roadblocks and triggers
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Develop habits for a sustainable lifestyle
  • Build confidence and feel better
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Reduce stress and improve sleep

Step 1:

Schedule a Call

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Step 2:

Select a program.

During your call we will find the program that works best for your needs. I offer two programs, they're both great so you can't go wrong.

Step 3:

Enjoy Your Program

Relax and enjoy, I will guide you through your program so you can finally get the results you deserve.

What others are saying:

Amy N.

"Kerry was recommended to me by my personal trainer. I was pregnant and had a hard time getting enough nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Kerry's coaching methods offered a great eating and nutrition plan and many tips for helping me stay positive and motivated. With Kerry's help I gained a healthy amount of weight during my pregnancy, maintained a nutritious diet while breastfeeding, and now am on track to gradually loosing my pregnancy weight!"

Mully M

"I found Kerry to be a conscientious and dedicated coach. I am old enough to be her grandmother,  and I appreciated that she created enough trust between us in the process of our work together,  that I could share my own challenges and barriers to personal growth. Kerry provides a great deal of enthusiasm,  good ideas, structure and support when you contract with her to be your coach.   Please give yourself the gift of hiring Kerry to facilitate your personal health growth."

Christine L.

"I am doing so much better overall: sleeping better, cooking more, and I started run/walk intervals, which I never believed I could do! Best of all my stress has been greatly reduced and my life has a better flow."

Meg W

“I’m also a health coach and love working with Kerry! Even health coaches need health coaches. It’s sometimes just too hard to see your own life and I’m so grateful for the support. Identifying foods that were causing me inflammation and pain and replacing them with vibrant meals that my body loves has made such a difference! So many good meal ideas! I’m so inspired to cook and to stay on track with my workouts, and I love getting pampered with powerfully detoxifying ionic foot baths. I’ve lost 15lbs and counting! Thank you, Kerry! You’re amazing!”

Jeanne L

“I loved my health coaching sessions with Kerry Mann. She is great at what she does! I’m happy about the accomplishments I achieved while working with her. Kerry helped me to be accountable to what I said I wanted to achieve. If I was not accomplishing my goals she helped me notice my resistance and helped me create goals that were in alignment with what I wanted. In the 6 months I worked with her I lost 20 pounds, but more importantly I was able to change my relationship to food. Kerry helped me realize where I was stuck. I had been dealing with weight issues for years. It turned out my metabolism was stuck and Kerry helped me understand I was not eating often enough. To increase my metabolism I had to eat food more often, not less. I also had to add exercise into my daily routine. Kerry had a way of gently re-educating me about things I thought I already knew. Then I was able to make different health decisions that allowed me to lose the weight I wanted, feel better, have more energy, and ultimately feel happier. I did it, Kerry could not do it for me, but she had the knowledge and the tools that motivated me to make the changes I wanted to make.”

Mully M

“I would describe my coach as: helpful, committed, thoughtful, conscientious, and willing to go through a rigorous process and stay on task with this program. Kerry didn’t give up on me and my stubborn streak. She stayed positive all the time, and kept clear boundaries. She also used good humor, sent me relevant materials and information, and had really good suggestions that were based in factual and experiential information. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been an increased awareness of my patterns and habits…and what the benefits are of making small changes! The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been the result of re-activating my membership in our local athletic club….Exercise is reducing the pain I have in my thighs and hips and has increased my endorphins (happiness quotient)…..Also, my awareness of the benefit of healthy snacks has been very helpful.”