Self-limiting Beliefs

We all have invisible limitations that hold us back – inner beliefs that we tell ourselves I can’t: be successful, lose weight, or be loved, etc. They can prevent us from not just achieving goals but also setting goals. The problem is that we usually don’t realize we have these limitations. Whether we get them from society or put them on ourselves, we’re unconsciously self-sabotaging ourselves.


Here’s an example of self-limiting beliefs that used to hold me back:

I have Arthritis and Lyme disease so I can’t quit my job and do something I’m passionate about, I’m too sick to run and exercise regularly, I don’t deserve to be happy and successful, I’m not going to be able to complete my class because I have autoimmune diseases, etc.


I don’t have enough time. It just feels impossible to achieve my goals with so many other commitments. How do you overcome this? A tool that I like is time blocking. Block out specific amounts of time for each task daily. It helps when you have a lot to accomplish. I use this technique with my clients when they are trying to fit in a new goal.


Where do I start? This usually happens because you’re overwhelmed. That’s ok! I have been there many times. Just start somewhere! Read my blog post on Morning Mantras: ( to help push though this overwhelming feeling. Once you get started it feels much easier.


What if I fail? The thought of failure can be paralyzing or you can use it as a learning experience. Try to lean into the fear instead of letting it stop you. Visualize how it would feel to succeed. Focus on that and embody it. The more positive you are, the better decisions and actions you will take to achieve your goals. Successful people fail just like everyone else, but they don’t dwell on it. They keep moving forward in a positive direction.


It’s too late to pursue my dreams. Some of the most successful people achieved their success over the age of 30. Don’t let time or age stop you! Read the book, ‘Originals’ if you don’t believe me.


What if I get turned down? Rejection is part of the process. I like to use rejection as a tool to learn from. It can help you figure out what to do different next time. Learning how to deal with rejection can help you move forward and succeed quicker. Don’t let fear of rejection stop you. You don’t know until you try.


There are a million excuses and limiting beliefs that can hold you back or you can just begin. You hold the power to do what you want and achieve what you want. Your beliefs and attitude will either hold you back or allow you to fly.


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