Building Self-Confidence

We all know that confidence and self-esteem affect every aspect of our lives.  If we are confident in one area it flows over into other areas. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

We unconsciously create either positive or negative feedback loops that influence how we navigate through life. A negative feedback loop can be caused by various influences that cause negative self-talk and a self-perpetuating destructive cycle. Once this starts it can be challenging to break free. Being aware of this is the first step to changing.

The same is true of a positive feedback loop; however an interesting fact is that it’s harder to stay positive because our brains are hard wired to be negative – a primitive trait leftover from our evolution that served us for survival, but now is often counterproductive. The point being, it takes work to stay positive.

When negativity takes over, it affects how we feel about ourselves. We all deal with ups and downs, and stresses that cause us to doubt ourselves. This self-doubt can create a negative feedback loop. We tell ourselves I won’t get through this, I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve to be happy, etc. How do we change this: by hitting the reset button and restoring balance in our lives.

I work with people to navigate through life’s maze of negativity and find the path to strength, confidence, and vitality. We develop a customized plan including a healthy diet, exercise, and accountability. It’s really rewarding to see the transformation from feeling unworthy to feeling empowered and unstoppable!