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From Surviving to Thriving

The face of Lyme is deceptive because people usually don’t look sick. The photo on the left is me when I was really suffering with Lyme disease and ankylosing spondylitis Arthritis. No one could see my pain, but I felt horrible all the time. No one understood why I couldn’t function normally because I looked…

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My relationship with food

People always ask me how I coach my clients around food. I don’t believe in telling anyone exactly what to eat. I teach the concepts of good nutrition rather than recommending a strict diet. I help people take control of their health rather than telling them what to do. Empowering people is more successful.  …

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What happens to body when you quit sugar?

Quitting sugar becomes much more enticing when you understand the health benefits. It sounded a bit daunting to me until I really understood the positive changes I would get. I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I started seeing the results. I was sick with autoimmune diseases half of my life and…

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Why should you detox from sugar?

Here’s the words that used to come to mind when I hear the word detox: deprivation, hangry, juicing, raw foods, and lots of hot yoga.  The first detox I did was strictly raw foods, mostly veggies along with 90 minutes of hot yoga each day. I was miserable because I was hangry and didn’t enjoy…

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What is detoxing?

What is detoxing? Detoxification means that you’re eliminating toxins from the body. Doing a detox through diet means that you’re removing toxins from your bloodstream and organs by restricting specific food groups. Your body is constantly eliminating toxins and waste, but when we’re constantly overloading it and living in a toxic world, it can be…

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