Hemp Oil


I started using O2 for anxiety and overall calm and it's been working really well for me. After reading about all the uses I decided to try it for sleep, pain, and inflammation too. It has been helping me fall asleep, which is a relief because I've had insomnia all my life and this is the only thing that works besides pharmaceuticals.


It's been helping me so much for pain and inflammation that I decided to start recommending it to my clients. It works better than CBD alone because it is a "full-spectrum" oil and the extract includes all the cannabinoids (not only CBD but CBN and CBG) as well as a complete terpene profile. The genetics are derived from a combination of Charlotte's Webb, ACDC, and Cannabis Sativa (with no THC) - thus making this an Industrial Hemp plant with all the benefits of a cannabis plant minus the THC. CBD alone doesn't help with my pain and inflammation, but this combination does.