From Surviving to Thriving

The face of Lyme is deceptive because people usually don’t look sick. The photo on the left is me when I was really suffering with Lyme disease and ankylosing spondylitis Arthritis. No one could see my pain, but I felt horrible all the time. No one understood why I couldn’t function normally because I looked fine, but I was far from fine. People misunderstanding what I was going through along with the pain, depression, and sadness caused me so much anger. I was sick for 15+ years and missed out on so much of life. I could hardly get out of bed, which made it hard to do really basic things.


The photo on the right is me today. I started feeling a lot better when I focused on eating healthy, exercising, reducing stress, sleeping better, and doing natural treatments, but it wasn’t until I changed my attitude that my diseases went into remission. These were supposed to be incurable lifelong sentences, but I defied the odds. I feel better now than I ever thought possible. You really have to work on all elements of your lifestyle if you want to get completely healthy. You can’t just focus on one area.


I completely changed my lifestyle and mindset. When I was sick I was really good at blaming everyone else for my problems. Today, I take responsibility for my own issues. Learning how to ask for support when I need it is one of the best tools I’ve learned. I used to get so resentful when I wouldn’t get support. No one could read my mind, but I still expected that to happen. I was so angry. It’s been a very long journey to work through it, but so worth it.


I made it my mission to focus on the positive and surround myself with positive people. This ended up backfiring on me because I didn’t allow myself to feel my emotions. I’ve learned it’s ok to not be ok and feel sad, but it’s a real bummer if you let it take over your life. There is a balance to feeling your emotions, working through them, and then letting them go to live a fulfilled and happy life.


I became a health coach so I can help people get their lives back like I did. I support people to go from simply surviving to thriving and living life to their fullest. Only focusing on nutrition and exercise isn’t enough. You need all elements of your lifestyle supported. It’s little changes that are the most important because they are the ones that stick. Imagine making a few small changes in one month, a few bigger ones in three months, and even a little bit bigger in six months. This is how I help my clients achieve their health goals.


I was desperate and highly motivated because I had nothing to lose. I had tried everything and nothing had worked. For me it was a life or death matter. Changing my lifestyle was the best decision I’ve ever made. If I had never gotten sick I would never have become a health coach and I would probably be doing something unfulfilling with my life. Sometimes our biggest challenges in life become our biggest inspiration and reason for living. I am now at peace with getting Lyme disease and arthritis. I never became my disease. I always fought it and I think that is why I was able to get better and why I am so strong today.


Nothing gives me better satisfaction than guiding people to achieve their optimal health. We all can get there. It’s just a matter of finding the right support and tools. The choice is always yours. Are you ready?


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