My Experience with The Functional Medicine Elimination Diet

A few months ago I did the Functional Medicine Elimination Diet. It was a great learning experience for me. I had eliminated gluten and most of the soy out of my diet a long time ago. I did notice, however, that eliminating dairy and sugar made me feel a little better, but it wasn’t that significant because I don’t eat a lot of dairy or sugar. Overall, I noticed reduced inflammation and woke up an hour earlier than usual.

These before and after photos were to hold me accountable to my Elimination Diet. It wasn’t for anyone else, but I want to show the slight difference because you can lose weight on this diet. My goal was to lose 5 pounds, which I accomplished. I could probably have lost more, but I felt like I had to constantly eat to have enough energy to get through my day and especially to get through my workouts. I’m glad I did it and I would recommend it to people who have not found the answers to what is causing their illness. Unidentified food sensitivities can wreak havoc on someone’s health.

Why do an Elimination Diet:

Digestive issues
Sinus drainage
Low energy
Mood swings
Skin irritations
Joint aches
Difficult losing weight

Why it helps so many people:

Identify your food triggers
Promotes body awareness to foods
Personalized approach to food
Reduce inflammation
Supports gut repair
Phytonutrients for the gut
Reduce toxins
Doesn’t restrict calories


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