Unplug and Be Happy

Are you feeling ungrounded and like you’re not living in the moment? It might be time to unplug for a while. I just got back from a week-long trip with very limited Wi-Fi and phone service. I only had access two out of seven days. I thought it would be really boring, but it was quite the opposite. We are so attached to our devices that we tend to ignore the people around us. We can become blinded by technology. You don’t have to go a whole week, but maybe try a day or two over the weekend.

Here’s what I learned from doing this: I end up being much more efficient with my time, I got all my runs in (I’m training for a marathon), I spent more time reading, watched less TV, I was more present with people, and I did activities I normally wouldn’t do. I got a sense of freedom that I haven’t felt in a long time. It was a much-needed break from being so attached to my devices. I learned a lot about myself and you will too. It was a transformational experience that I think everyone should try.

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