What is detoxing?

What is detoxing? Detoxification means that you’re eliminating toxins from the body. Doing a detox through diet means that you’re removing toxins from your bloodstream and organs by restricting specific food groups. Your body is constantly eliminating toxins and waste, but when we’re constantly overloading it and living in a toxic world, it can be helpful to maximize the detoxification process. We give our body’s a break and assist our organs in the detox process by decreasing the amount of toxins we bring in and by supporting the body’s elimination process.

Every time I do a detox with my clients, I always wish I did it sooner. Everything is working at its optimal level. My body feels lighter and my mind feels clearer.

My 10-Day Sugar Detox is designed to “restart” your system, by giving your body a break from sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol, and hydrogenated oils–all the stuff we tend to love, that doesn’t necessarily love us back. You’ll train your body to crave naturally sweet and flavorful foods like fruits and vegetables that will leave you feeling lighter, more energized and happier.

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