Why should you detox from sugar?

Here’s the words that used to come to mind when I hear the word detox: deprivation, hangry, juicing, raw foods, and lots of hot yoga.  The first detox I did was strictly raw foods, mostly veggies along with 90 minutes of hot yoga each day. I was miserable because I was hangry and didn’t enjoy one minute of it. Luckily detoxing doesn’t have to be like that and you can still have the energy to work out and work, which for most of us is pretty important.


Reasons you should Detox:

If you don’t generally feel as vibrant and energetic as you used to and you’re noticing it’s harder and harder to get you through each day. Detoxing goes way beyond weight. If you’re feeling fatigued, brain fog, pain and inflammation, have allergies, and headaches, it’s probably time for a detox.


If you can’t stop eating sugar because you’re always craving it, then it’s time for a detox. The good news is that it’s not your fault. Sugar is addictive and it’s put in many processed foods to make you keep buying them. The food industry isn’t stupid; they want to keep you coming back for more. Trying to cut out sugar without a plan or support can be very challenging because it’s very addictive.


If you can’t lose weight and keep it off then it’s time for a detox. The problem here is that we live in a society that is obsessed with the image of being skinny, yet a huge percentage of the population is overweight. How is this possible? Many of us eat way too many processed foods that are high in refined carbs. We then try to go on fad diets and expect to get to our goal weight in a few weeks to a month. That’s just not realistic. Diets don’t work because they’re not sustainable.


Food can be some of the best medicine when used in the right way. My 10-Day Sugar Detox goes beyond the food. I also focus on mindset, intention, and staying positive which in my experience is just as important as the food you eat. Now that you know why you need to detox, are you ready to join me for my 10-Day Sugar Detox? It’s going to be transformational!


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